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LeapFILE was founded in 2004 with the mission to enhance business communications and productivity with secure file delivery and file exchange. Our goal is to make exchanging business-critical files simple and secure for end users, while making management robust and compliant for administrators.

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LeapFILE, Inc.
1600 Seaport Blvd.
Suite 310
Redwood City, CA 94063
Phone: +1 (650) 241-6210
Fax: +1 (650) 241-6240

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phone: +1 (650) 241-6200

Media/Press Inquiries

phone: +1 (650) 241-6227

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phone: +1 (650) 241-6202

The Leadership

Peter Chang

CEO and Founder
LeapFILE & Oxygen Cloud

As the creator of LeapFILE and Oxygen Cloud, Peter is well versed in just about everything from business to engineering. You can often find him teaching and inspiring our team to be the best we can. You'll probably never see Peter outside of the office because he's already passed you on the freeway...he likes to go fast.

Leo Leung

VP of Product

Affectionately referred to as “The Man”, our House DJ...excuse me...VP of Product, Leo, brings with him a rich background in design, strategy, and product management. Leo is often the voice of Oxygen with his insightful blogs, tweets, and white papers. Leo's our ace in the hole and you'll find as we have, he's cooler than the other side of the pillow. @lleung

Alex Teu

VP of Business Development

Alex is our "business" man as well as our legal counsel. Always on the lookout for new opportunities and strategic partnerships, Alex is a deep thinker who always knows the right question to ask. Subsequently, you'll often find him engaging in inspiring, philosophical dialogues around the office.

Tony Magliulo

Senior Stuff Do-er

Tony is our “Senior Stuff Doer” as there is very little he doesn't do around the office. He has a wealth of knowledge working in support, solutions, product management, and engineering. He is the ultimate multitasker. When he isn't acting as Jean Claude Van Damme's stunt double, you can find him sporting the best video game shirts or enjoying time with his family.

The Vanguard Team

Julia Mak

Vanguard Queen

Julia reigns supreme as the leader of the Oxygen Vanguard Team. Wise beyond her years, she has assembled a team that is determined to change the world. You might also know her as the Twitter Queen, though Leo may be challenging her for that title. @juliamak

Hanh Huynh

Office Queen

Hanh is the "Dude". Hanh is easily the loudest person in the office, despite the fact that you might actually be able to fit her in your pocket. As our loud and lovable HR, she knows how to keep everybody happy and motivated.

Aric Johnson

Marketing Vanguard

Aric is the Vanguard jack-of-all-trades. With a background in IT and interaction design, Aric works diligently to create/maintain marketing and user adoption material. When he's not working, he's on a soccer field or dominating the engineers on foosball table with Brandon.

Michelle Ajuria

Marketing Vanguard

As a versatile customer service expert, Michelle is driven to help you and your users succeed with LeapFILE. She’s always smiling and laughing, so don’t be afraid to test out your best comedy material with her!

Brandon O'hollaren

Sr. Sales Vanguard

Brandon is one of our senior Vanguardians with extensive experience in sales, customer service, and account management. If you catch him hard at work, he’s most likely doing what he does best - building relationships and making people smile.

Iris Hsu

Sr. Sales Vanguard

Iris is a senior account manager and thus has a passion for building relationships with her customers and driving them towards success. Fully realizing her inner nerd, Iris devotes her free time to adventuring and dancing to her own beat.

Jeff Lee

Product Manager

Well versed in our products and their best practices, Jeff plays an important role in the creation and development of our products. Typically, you can find him bouncing around the office (seriously he is really springy) being upbeat and contributing to the Vanguard team's positive vibes.

Mike Fennelly

Technical Support Manager

Mike brings a ton of customer service experience to LeapFILE team, so he is more than qualified to help you with your concerns and issues. He is an avid homebrewer, and is more than happy to talk your ear off about beer, guitars, and whether Batman could win a fight aganst The Hulk.

What is Oxygen Cloud?

Users are everywhere, but IT isn’t. Oxygen Cloud is a team of enterprise veterans and young clouderati building IT everywhere. IT everywhere extends your IT infrastructure everywhere, so your data, security, and UX are the same, wherever you need it. Some of the world’s largest banks, insurance companies, real estate firms, and universities trust Oxygen Cloud to help them create incredible business agility.

LeapFILE is a product of Oxygen Cloud

Both LeapFILE and Oxygen Cloud Enterprise reflect our core company values of providing both users and their administrators easy-to-use, fully secure, and highly flexible ways to access, share, and store files. This means you are guaranteed the same great level of product integrity and support with both products.

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