Works just like email. Just attach and send!

Our Web App lets you deliver files from any web browser. Our Windows Outlook plug-in gives users delivery confirmation while eliminating file size limitations. Not an Outlook user? Use our Windows Desktop App to send any size file.

Web App

Outlook plug-in

Desktop App

Deliver files with confidence

LeapFILE doesn’t just send your files. It delivers them with certainty and a full audit trail every time. You'll know when your files are successfully sent, viewed, and downloaded so you can act if they haven’t been received.

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Deliver files of any size

It's hard to send really big files across the internet. In fact, browsers have limitations that restrict you from sending files over 2GB. LeapFILE's desktop client and Outlook plug-in remove this restriction and make it easy for you to send any file of any size. If you unexpectedly lose connection during any upload, our client and plug-in will keep track so you can pick up right where you left off when you regain connection.

Retrieve files with a single click

When you deliver files with LeapFILE, your recipients get an email from you with a link. All they have to do is click the link to download the files you've sent. No software installation necessary. All uploads and downloads are fully encrypted in transit, so your data is always safe. You can easily add security by requiring email authentication, question/answer, or a verification code. You can even encrypt the email message itself for additional privacy.

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