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Trusted by thousands of businesses daily

  • Trusted by accountants and financial firms for confidential tax, audit, and A/P files
  • Trusted by design, marketing, and manufacturing firms for critical graphics, video, and project files
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  • Robust security architecture supports compliance with regulations like SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, and state-level data encryption & privacy breach laws
  • Best-in-class SLA (99.9% network and application uptime)
  • SSAE-16 & ISO 27001 Certified Data Centers
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"We needed an easy-to-use method for clients to send their files back to us securely. LeapFILE’s solution meets our needs perfectly and further increases the value of our services to clients.”

Deb Wilson
Rea & Associates

Deliver files with confidence

  • LeapFILE solves email file size limitations and cuts email storage costs.
  • We provide better security and controls, and a superior experience to FTP.
  • We let you know your file was delivered in a way that email, FTP, and consumer cloud storage can’t.
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"I could talk all day about how LeapFILE has revolutionized our file transfer systems, but our clients say it best: ‘Easy, reliable and the fastest way to move files!”

Jason McCormick
CEO of Xperient

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Plans starting at $10/mo