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Hey! My account is disabled, and I need to send this file now!

For account security reasons, you'll need to talk to your LeapFILE administrator about your account. If you don't know who your LeapFILE administrator is (usually it's someone in your IT department) get in touch with us, and we'll point you at the right person!

Oh no, I forgot my password!

There are two possible solutions to this one! If you're on Active Directory/LDAP integration (You are if you get redirected to a site within your company that asks for your username and password AFTER you enter your LeapFILE ID), then your password is normally the same password you use for your email account and to log into your computer. You'll need to talk to your IT department to get this reset.

Otherwise, if you're using LeapFILE authentication on your account, we have a tutorial linked here that you can use to get your password reset!

What does "Security Session Expired" mean?

Based on your account, your "File Expiration Policy" will determine when all your files are deleted from our server completely. Files deleted after successful or expired transfers cannot be recovered, and options related to the transfer like Forward, Resend, Cancel will be grayed out. A reminder email is sent 24 hours prior to file expiration. If the transfer is expired, please contact the sender to send the files again.

To store files permanently, please use the Repository or Portal features.

To change your File Expiration Policy, please login to your account (admin rights required) and then go to Account->Account Setup -> File Expiration Policy.


I get a certificate error when I go to!

That is entirely expected - when you come to LeapFILE, we identify your account when you land on and then redirect you to the secured server - just make sure that you direct your users to the http site and not https! (If you do want your individual landing site to be https, get in touch with us, and this is something that we can arrange for you There IS additional cost for this service, though!)

Can guests upload files directly to a portal?

Guests can only download files from a portal. To upload files to portal, they can upload files to you (the recipient) via "Secure Upload" and you can then copy those files to the portal. By doing this, you can keep the portal organized and save on storage space by keeping relevant files only.

Guests can also send files while they are logged in to the portal by click send files.

My new users are not receiving emails from LeapFILE

This is happening because the user is creating the LeapFile account before the email address is active. This causes our system to blacklist that email address because it does not exist and therefore notifications from our system will not send it to the email address. We have noticed this happen many times and it is strongly recommended that the email address be created/active before using it to create a LeapFile account.

I have account or billing related questions

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